The Tree …

In my dream I see a tree
The most wonderfull, beautiful tree
It’s so big and embracing
I can smell it’s vitalitet and primordial force
The feather-light prana is dancing in the sun

Suddenly the picture change
And Yggdragsil appears in front of me
This is a totally different energy
Strong and self-conscious
It’s very colourfull and it contain
vibrations which is like long  sound waves
Waves … waves …

The image fades
And right in front og me the tree of life shines
So bright and clear
Embracing all in it’s vicinity
It shines … it shines …

I’m attracted to a center of the tree
Daath, Pluto, The Priestess
The light become stronger and stronger
I’m in a tunnel of light
… i’m there
Here ……
Looking around
And it’s pure love, pure love ….


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